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Almond milk (Sữa hạnh nhân)

I can’t believe I didn’t try to make almond milk earlier.   Sometimes I buy almond milk in carton from supermarket but it really can’t compare with homemade almond milk.   The home made version is so fragrant, creamy and refreshing. And the important thing is when you made it yourself; you know that it doesn’t contain any preservative or hidden sugar, which can REALLY upset your scale. Almond milk is not…

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Vietnamese beef jerky (Thịt bò khô)

Beef jerky is a popular snack in Vietnam. I love the its flavor: hot chili, fragrant lemongrass, five spice, pepper… to name a few. Squeeze some lemon juice on top and serve with a cold beer; you can’t just stand up from the table without finishing the very last bit. Delicious! Ingredients: 600gr beef 2 tbsp. oyster sauce 1 tablespoon lemongrass, finely chopped. 1 tablespoon garlic, finely chopped. (or 1…

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Vietnamese beef noodle soup – Beef Pho

It is May now and autumn has really started in Melbourne. Leaves on trees turn golden. Light jacket are dug up from closet and as typical Melbourne, it starts to rain a lot too. In a cold, wet autumn night, I couldn’t think of a better “pick me up” dish than Vietnamese pho.  There are so many Vietnamese restaurants in Melbourne, you can easily find a bowl of pho on…

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Pate chaud (Bánh Pa tê sô)

  Pate chaud is a popular Vietnamese puff pastry. It is probably influenced from French cuisine.   With its pleasant savoury flavor, pate chauds are good to serve as finger foods at party or in lunch boxes. In fact, my kids love them. They gobble up these little meat pies so quickly. It is also quite simple to make. I love simple foods.   Ingredients: 500gr minced pork 125gr chicken pate…

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Rice Kitchen Weekend Feast

I was so excited when a large Styrofoam box arrived in my home on Friday morning. It was a feast box from Rice Kitchen, a food business created by three talented women, Lilli, Anh and Ha. They have this brilliant idea to design those boxes that contain everything you need to create a weekend feast for home parties and gatherings. Well, for me, it was like Christmas morning. The box…

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Ham, cheese and tomato tart

The dreadful question that haunts me every Friday is “what’s for dinner?” What’s for dinner on the last day of the week when you are probably so tired from all those activities and work? Your brain tells your body to slow down, to take a rest. My favourite thing to do on Fridays is to have quick and easy meal, have a shower and watch Better Home and Garden. Ah,…

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Pickled White Radish

I like making pickles at home. White radish is one of my favourite vegetables for pickling because it reserves its crunchy texture very well in the pickling process. Pickled white  is great with pork, seafood or any “heavy” meal. This recipe is based on a recipe by Kylie Kwong.   Ingredients: 1 large white radish (about 600gr) 2 carrots 1 Lebanese cucumber 1 small knob of ginger 1 tablespoon salt…

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Lychee and lime juice

There is nothing spell SUMMER to me more than lychee. Lychee is a tropical fruit that grown abundant in Vietnam. Summer in Hanoi is when troops and troops of fruit vendors roaming the streets loaded with heap of lychees on their bicycles. Lychee is full packed with potassium and vitamin C in its juicy flesh. Not to mention its unique fragrance. . It is really a super fruit. Most of…

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