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Hello and Xin Chào!


Welcome to Chopsticks and Spoon!


My name is Trang Do.  I am a photographer, a mom and a foodie living in Melbourne, Australia.  Having lived in Vietnam, Hong Kong and currently Australia, I am lucky to get exposed to different kinds of food and cuisines. Food and cooking always take an important part in our daily lives.  I was taught by my mother and grandmother to cozy up our house by the warm kitchen.   Food bring family closer and it also tells the story of our culture and history.   I always try my best to introduce healthy food and various cuisines to my children and family.   There are certain rules that I follow in my daily food preparation and cooking.  Those are:

  1. No MSG.  I like to taste the food I cook in its original flavour, not enhanced by any artificial factor.  I try to limit the use of MSG in my cooking.
  2. Lots of green.  I love vegetables and fruits.  I believe they bring out the best flavour of the main meat or fish ingredients.  Our daily meal at home are always the balance of meat and vegetable. Besides, vegetables are good for our health.
  3. Use local produces if you can.  I support local economy and small businesses.  I also believe local products have better flavour than those imported ones.  At least we know where they come from, not those controversial GMO products.


I am an avid home cook.  I am also a passionate photographer.  To me, the presentation of the food is as important as the taste of it.  Hence this blog was born, as a result of my two big passions in life.


Here at this blog you can find simple home cooked recipes that are healthy and delicious. Hope you enjoy it!


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