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Salmon Gravlax with Citrus flavour

Omega-3 fatty acid has paramount benefits to our body and health.   It boosts energy, brain activity and circulation. It also helps calm the mood by reducing the body’s response to stress inducing inflammation.   Our bodies can’t make this essential fat so it must be obtained by food. Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acid.   It is recommended that 200gr of salmon is sufficient for our daily need. Salmon…

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Sweet and sour dipping sauce

This sweet and sour dipping sauce is very popular in Vietnamese cuisine. You can make this sauce to have with Vietnamese spring rolls (Bún Nem), Vietnamese chargrilled pork and rice vermicelli (Bún Chả), steamed rice rolls or broken rice and barbecued pork chop. This is what you need: Ingredients Fish sauce Brown sugar Salt Lemon Honey Warm water Garlic Chili Pepper   Method: Mix the sauce in the following proportion:…

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Vietnamese Spring rolls

Spring rolls are my favourite Vietnamese recipe.  I remember my mom taught me how to make a spring rolls when I was about 10 years old.  This is the food that we cook at New Year celebration, parties or weekend gatherings.  I vividly remember how my mom, my sister and I was gathering in our little kitchen back home in Hanoi, chopping, mixing, chatting, rolling.  Happy time! This is a…

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