Rice Kitchen Weekend Feast

I was so excited when a large Styrofoam box arrived in my home on Friday morning. It was a feast box from Rice Kitchen, a food business created by three talented women, Lilli, Anh and Ha. They have this brilliant idea to design those boxes that contain everything you need to create a weekend feast for home parties and gatherings.

Well, for me, it was like Christmas morning. The box was packed so neatly with packs and packs of vegetables, meats, herbs, sauces and oh so beautiful recipe cards.   All those ingredients were kept cold fresh on icepack. I love all-women businesses. They put attention to every smallest detail.

On Saturday, I put myself in a challenge to cook the whole 4 courses dinner in 1 hour.   Sound a little aggressive but it was easier than I had imagined. It was because all ingredients was already prepared and washed so all I had to do is to follow instructions in the recipe cards and made the food in the order that they suggested.   I finished quicker than I thought. 50 minutes from start to end. The kitchen smelled so good and the food is picturesque. I love it.

The food tasted as good as it looked.   The chicken curry was full packed with flavour. Crispy fish tofu was a big hit with my kids. And for me, I love the beef larb. The tangy, fragrant beef went so well with crispy lettuce, Asian herbs and add a little zing of pickled onion. It was like a party for your tastebud.

Sometimes Asian food intimidates you with the required ingredients, may be up to 10 or more different ingredients, to create that “right” flavour of a certain dish. With this party feast box, with all ingredients are included and prepared; it really takes the pressure off you to host a party that your guests will talk about the food long after it’s over. I highly recommend Rice Kitchen Feast Box. I hope Rice Kitchen and team keeps up the good work and offer more options in the future.



Here come the box




Look how neat it was packed


All the ingredients was fresher, washed and ready to be cooked.





And now, the finished meal.  Aren’t they look good.



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    Iron Chef Shellie
    April 18, 2017 at 1:14 pm

    How good is the food! I loved it all 🙂

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      Trang Do
      April 18, 2017 at 10:39 pm

      Thank you Iron Chef Shellie.

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